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14 Ways To Get Rich Quick

Our next exhibition, curated by Ivanna Getrich, explores various ways to get rich. 12 artists, hand-picked by Getrich, each respond to a different method of getting rich, such as Steal, Move To America, Learn Alchemy, or just Pretend.


Bijan Amini-Alavijeh, Adam Ralph

The Great Unanswered Volume I

Artists responded to some of life's biggest mysteries, such as How Did We End Up Here? or What Is Time?

Getting Involved

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monthly event: 5th June

Synergy Sessions

Come along to our regular meet ups for casual art related chat over a few pints, first Monday of every month.

Next session, 7pm Monday 5th June, Sandbar, Manchester


volume-ii-poster-v-5_d600The Great Unanswered Volume II

In Volume II, held at Terrace NQ, artists responded to questions such as What Is Reality? and Are There More Dimensions?


 Luke Beech, Lydia Caprani, Clare Holdstock, Laura Hopkinson

Artists in Artlink Hull responded to the question You Are A Floating Being, You Have No Physicality, You Can Only Observe, What Don't You See?


Rory Duckhouse, Carrie Doughty, Paul Conneally

The Great Unanswered Volume III

In the third and final instalment of The Great Unanswered, artists responded to questions such as Do We Have Free Will? and Can You Really Experience Anything Objectively?


Exhibition Title

You Fall Into A Field...

Scaffold Gallery's first official exhibition saw a group of artists respond to the question You Fall Into A Field, Long Grass Breaks Your Fall, You Are Bewildered And Disorientated, Which Way Do You Walk?


It's Nothing Personal

A group show supported by Scaffold Gallery which aimed to challenge and alter the perceptions of domestic surroundings through the expression of art.


Matt Mullins

Eligible Rage

An exhibition Curated by Lewis Toumazou about the growing frustration towards the hypocrisy of the art world and passive attitudes to escalating social issues.