What We Do

Scaffold Gallery exists without a fixed space, there is no physical gallery. Instead we move around, using other spaces to hold one-off, pop-up exhibitions. 

We create exhibitions in order to give emerging artists interesting exhibition opportunities with our unique "concept" exhibitions, shows with strong themes to which the artists directly respond with new works.

We aim to be a support structure, a facilitator and a promoter for artists, and also to be an open system that anyone can use. We organise exhibitions with ourselves, often putting out open calls for artists to respond to, but we also support other curators and artists in creating their own exhibitions. If you are interested in working with us to get a project going, get in contact.

Our Ethos

1.       Exhibitions should always feature new work made in response to the concept of the show, rather than taking pre-existing works and applying them to new shows. We believe this gives the artists more control over the perception of their work, and creates more cohesive exhibitions.

2.      Our main aim is to support artists, giving them the opportunities to exhibit. We have already worked with over 60 artists and given them that invaluable chance to show off their work in the context of innovative exhibitions.

3.      As well as producing exhibitions, we are promoters of artists. We aim to raise the profile of talented artists, and the better we raise our own profile the better we can promote artists.

4.     It is an open structure, designed to allow others to use. If you wish to be involved, running a project, exhibiting your work, or producing an online exhibition, get in contact!


Who We Are

 Laura Hopkinson: Director of Culture

Laura Weaver: Director of Innovation

Will Marshall: Chief Visionary Officer

Adam Ralph: Chief Intelligence Baron