In Visible Lines

Part of Manifest Arts Extras

For the first time ever, Scaffold Gallery presents a collection of pre-existing works, with the exhibition In Visible Lines. 

The show had no theme, no concept. Instead, Scaffold invited artists to submit a piece made within the last year which they had not yet exhibited.

Once the show was installed, the artists engage din a private seminar, where they took part in conversations to try and find hidden links and conceptual connections between the various works.

The results of these conversations formed the context for the exhibition and were presented amongst the works in invisible ink, only made visible through the use of UV torches.

Castlefield Gallery's New Art Spaces Bolton, in creative partnership with neo:artists.


Alexander Glass, Declan Connolly, James Ventre, Joe Whitmore, John Carney, Laura Hopkinson, Matthew Challenger, Omid Asadi, Rado Daskalov, Robyn Nichol, Will Marshall

Matthew Challenger


Rado Daskalov 

James Ventre


Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi

Laura Hopkinson

Robyn Nichol


Alexander Glass



John Carney

Declan Connolly

Alexander Glass