Never Gonna Give You Up…

An exhibition from Scaffold Gallery. Some artists sometimes make work. Others make non-stop. And there are those who fall out of love with making. Presenting, a selection of new works rekindling that romance.


Before the exhibition opened to the public, the artists all participated in a private critical seminar, discussing the journey that led to their work. In doing so, they discovered links and connections between the works, which were visually represented by white lines on the gallery floor.


Carly Bainbridge, Henry Northcroft Brown, Emily Harbot, Jenny Hewson, Sarah Kasumi Dean, Tom Lambe, Annie Leader, Tara Patel, Isobel Scott, Jordy Smith, Aimee Walker











Jenny Hewson 



Aimee Walker

Annie Leader


Tom Lambe

Isobel Scott

Annie Leader


Sarah Kasumi Dean

Carly Bainbridge


Henry Northcroft Brown



Emily Harbot

Jordy Smith


Tara Patel